Executive English

English has become essential for doing business successfully in Italy

I work with Executive clients who would like to refine and perfect their English.  As a Language Coach I’m a fully-engaged conversation partner who helps the client use their own resources and strengths to communicate effectively in business and social contexts. Preparation includes coaching on cultural differences and social etiquette. I’m specialised in Finance & Banking, and Legal English, as well as advanced Business English.

I also have many years experience preparing clients for interviews at various managerial levels.  I offer intensive interview coaching in Italian and English.

In lessons I focus mainly on building the client’s confidence and range of language use.  I blend rich conversation with a range of resources.  Each client’s individual needs are taken into account, including the business context, their available time, and any special requirements they might have, such as preparing for a conference or international meeting.  I also offer a Premium Flexi service for clients who need flexibility when scheduling their course.

In a short time you will feel confident:

  • using English in business and social contexts
  • engaging in small talk and light conversation for formal dining events
  • in negotiation and conflict resolution situations
  • preparing and giving presentations in English
  • participating in meetings and conference calls
  • reading and understanding contracts

Contact me now to arrange a free trial lesson.

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