I was asked, What is Love? From the heart, I answered:

It’s allowing yourself to fall and trusting deeply even when you’re afraid to. It’s taking the leap of faith and refusing to hide. It’s speaking from the heart and soul, learning to give full expression to your truest self. It’s fierce courage fused with naked vulnerability. It’s unconditional, accepting the beautiful humanity and fallibility of the other. It just is.

It holds you in the dance, sees you through the push and pull, the stumbles and the fights. It’s baring your teeth and flashing your claws when you’re feeling hurt or let down, even lashing out with them, and trusting that the other is strong enough to take it. It’s a steady accumulation of bleached scars and yellowing bruises on your heart. It’s seeing every conflict as another opportunity to grow closer in mutual understanding and appreciation. It just is.

It’s looking in the other’s eyes and seeing your world. It’s listening to the other’s breath as they sleep and hearing the life-giving whisper before the birth of the universe. It’s lying on the other’s chest and hearing the echo of your own heartbeat. It’s being encircled in the other’s arms and knowing you’re home. It’s feeling your heart burst with joy and your soul soar in gratitude just simply sitting in silence with the other. It just is.

It’s shimmering heat and low earthquakes. It’s ten thousand little deaths and implorations to heaven. It’s tasting salty tears and kissing deepening crows’ feet. It’s knowing every centimeter of skin intimately and still feeling that same wonder and tug of desire as the first time. It just is.

It’s two whole souls walking hand in hand, leaning into each other, learning from each other, striving and growing together. It’s living your truth and holding the other in living theirs, even when the two seemingly clash and collide. It’s always finding the uncompromising third way. It’s knowing that Yes and No can occupy the same space at the same time, and that that’s perfectly ok. It just is.


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