CLS Coaching

In proportion to the development of his individuality , each person becomes more valuable to others. There is a greater fullness of life about his own existence, and when there is greater life in the units, there is more in the mass which is composed of them – John Stuart Mill

Christina is an Executive and Leadership Development Coach based in Milan, Italy.  She runs workshops for multinational organizations, and her client list includes senior management and directors.  Christina is particularly skilled at helping individuals uncover and nurture hitherto hidden depths and strengths. She is relentless in the pursuit of as yet unrealized human potential and pushes her clients beyond perceived limitations to strive for excellence both professionally and privately.

Christina is passionate about the development of authentic leadership by promoting ownership and responsibility for results and impact at all levels. She firmly believes in fostering business cultures that promote environments in which creativity, adaptability and shared vision thrive.  She trained with the Coaches Training Institute in their Co-Active Coaching Model® and on their Co-Active Leadership program. Christina is an authorised Leadership Development Framework Coach. She has also trained in the fundamentals of Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) with CRR Global. She is trilingual (Eng/Ger/Ita) and is experienced in coaching in all three languages.

Current Workshops:

Leadership Development – Leading from Wisdom (Senior Management/Executive)
Stress Management and Resilience Building
Stress Management and Patient Communication (for medical professionals)
Family Treasure Map (communication and relationship building for families)

Past Workshops and Programs:

360′ Health and Wellbeing Program incl. Leadership Development series
Banking and Finance Sector, Switzerland

Team Communication and Leadership Development
Life Sciences Sector, Switzerland

The Power of Human Connection – Communication and Relationship Building
Corporate Sector, Hong Kong